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Luca Baccheti on Athens Party+

Παρασκευή 29 Νοεμβρίου στις 21:00 στο Doce Pulgadas RadioShow

Δημοσίευση ΝΟE 29, 2013

Luca Baccheti on Athens Party+


Στο επεισόδιο 291 του Doce Pulgadas, απόψε (29/11) στις 21:00, ο Jon Billick παρουσιάζει νέες κυκλοφορίες από No Regular Play, Martin Waslewski, Tapesh & Maximiljan, Deep Bros Feat Michael Watford, Azari & III και άλλους.

Στο δέυτερο μέρος μη χάσετε το δεύτερο από τα τέσσερα set του Focus στην Wagon Repair, από τον Luca Baccheti.

Απόψε στις 21:00 αποκλειστικά για την Ελλάδα από τον Athens Party+.


Luca Baccheti:

This Italian based in Barcelona has been published by some of the major labels of the world. This 2013, he is 40, but he is more active than ever. As a young man he was influenced by soul music, hip hop and even drum & bass before starting to host his radio show, Club Culture, which led him to Djing around the Italian clubs.

In 2006 he starts publishing on Tenax Recordings with Alex Neri as his main mate, but showing that he wanted to go further than house music. This concern led him to contact Wagon Repair, which publishes his ep Once again, with tracks that have been a turning point in his career, as Rolling Brooklyn. In 2008 he is one of the artists to consider by Beatport, the same year that launches two great eps by Ovum Recordings and again Wagon Repair.

His music is a mix of house with electronica which has led him to release by labels as diverse as Crosstown Rebels, but also Defected, where was out Esa nena quiere with his friend Guti. Also published on the as well respected Saved Records or Culprit. Lately he is focused on travelling the world and working on his own label, Endless.